The project improvements include:
· Asphalt pavement
· Storm sewer repairs
· Sanitary sewer repairs
· Concrete curb & gutter repair and replacement
. Parkway restoration

Project Timeline:
May 2013 – Start of Construction
October 2013 – End of Construction

Streets scheduled for improvements include:
1. Hammersmith Lane: Potter Road to Franklin Drive
2. Glenlake Drive: Warrington Court to North Gate
3. Stratford Lane: Glenlake Drive to South End
4. Inverness Lane: Winchester Lane to Glenlake Drive
5. Winchester Lane: Inverness Lane to Glenlake Drive
6. Longmeadow Drive: Glenview Road to Lake Avenue
7. Crestwood Lane: Longmeadow to West End
8. Canterbury Lane: East Lake Avenue to South End
9. Sanford Lane: East Lake Avenue to Sanford Court
10. Longmeadow Drive: East Lake Avenue to Bellwood Lane
11. Bellwood Lane: Greenwood Road to Executive Lane
12. Ralmark Lane: Bellwood Lane to Longmeadow Drive
13. Woodmere Lane: Glenview Road to South End

Friday, October 18, 2013

Concrete Curb & Gutter Replacements Continue on Bellwood Lane, Longmeadow Drive, and Ralmark Lane

This past week the concrete sub-contractor, D’Land Construction, completed the concrete curb & gutter and driveway installation along the north side of Bellwood Lane, west side of Longmeadow Drive, and south and east sides of Ralmark Lane. The contractor also installed temporary aggregate base course in front of the previously installed concrete curb & gutter and asphalt driveways to allow access to homes and allow for parking.

The contractor had initially planned to begin concrete curb & gutter replacement on the remaining portions of Bellwood Lane, Longmeadow Drive, Ralmark Lane this week. Unfortunately, due to the rainy weather conditions the process has been delayed. It has been decided to wait to remove the concrete curb & gutter beginning Monday, October 21st to minimize the amount of time residents are not allowed to access their driveways.

Information has been provided to residents north of East Lake Avenue regarding parking restrictions and driveway access during the concrete curb & gutter replacement process. If the curb & gutter in front of your home is scheduled to be removed, please have all cars removed from the driveways prior to 7:00 AM on Monday, October 21st.

Concrete driveways will be restored following the concrete curb & gutter installation. Asphalt driveways will be restored during the asphalt paving stage of the project. Temporary aggregate will be installed in front of all driveways to allow for access following concrete cure time.

We understand the residents south of East Lake Avenue have not seen any construction activity for an extended period of time. We have been in contact with the paving contractor regarding timing and construction of the asphalt surface along Longmeadow Drive from Glenview Road to East Lake Avenue. At this time, the best option is to wait until the concrete replacements north of East Lake Avenue are completed prior to milling the existing surface and asphalt paving for the entire project limits. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused. We are still committed to and expect to complete all the asphalt paving this construction season.

We continue to expression our gratitude for your patience during the construction operations. Your cooperation with the inconvenience associated with the concrete curb & gutter construction is greatly appreciated.