The project improvements include:
· Asphalt pavement
· Storm sewer repairs
· Sanitary sewer repairs
· Concrete curb & gutter repair and replacement
. Parkway restoration

Project Timeline:
May 2013 – Start of Construction
October 2013 – End of Construction

Streets scheduled for improvements include:
1. Hammersmith Lane: Potter Road to Franklin Drive
2. Glenlake Drive: Warrington Court to North Gate
3. Stratford Lane: Glenlake Drive to South End
4. Inverness Lane: Winchester Lane to Glenlake Drive
5. Winchester Lane: Inverness Lane to Glenlake Drive
6. Longmeadow Drive: Glenview Road to Lake Avenue
7. Crestwood Lane: Longmeadow to West End
8. Canterbury Lane: East Lake Avenue to South End
9. Sanford Lane: East Lake Avenue to Sanford Court
10. Longmeadow Drive: East Lake Avenue to Bellwood Lane
11. Bellwood Lane: Greenwood Road to Executive Lane
12. Ralmark Lane: Bellwood Lane to Longmeadow Drive
13. Woodmere Lane: Glenview Road to South End

Monday, July 8, 2013

Concrete Curb & Gutter Replacements on Sanford Lane & Canterbury Lane

Last week, DeVinci Construction performed structure adjustments at the intersection of Central Road and Shermer Road.  Arrow Road Construction completed paving at the intersection of Central Road and Shermer Road, Long Valley Road, Ardmore Avenue, and at the intersection of Patriot Boulevard and Navy Boulevard.

This week, D’Land construction will be removing and replacing the concrete curb and gutter on the east side of Canterbury Lane and Sanford Lane. A letter was delivered to all the residents along these streets giving instructions regarding parking restrictions and use of driveways. We ask for your cooperation in following these directions to allow the construction operations to go as smoothly and quickly as possible.

Re-marking of the pavement striping is also anticipated to be completed this week.

Thank you for your patience during the construction operations.